4 Possible Web Design Trends & Predictions for 2015

4 Possible Web Design Trends & Predictions for 2015


Today we would like to discuss four possible web design trends and predictions for 2015. Web design trends come and go, but the creativity of designers is what propels change in web design standards. Designers are responsible for transforming ideas into trends and trends into standards.The design trends, listed here, are rapidly becoming commonplace in web design and will find an even greater acceptance in the coming year and websites not utilizing these elements could surely be left for dead in 2015!

1. The Decline of Web Coding

There’s always been a division of labor in web development: designers craft the look and feel, and then coders step in to make it work. This process is changing as the tools for web design become smarter, more capable, and more ambitious.

Today, designers can create websites without touching a single line of code, taking advantage of the same powerful features of their graphic design software and outputting clean W3C validated code.

This marks a huge shift, one that lowers obstacles to entry for designers who now have a streamlined option for building and deploying modern, professional websites for their clients.

There will always be a place for dedicated web coders, but that place is transitioning away from the realm of front-end work.

2. Responsive Design with Better Performance

Only a few years ago, making a site “responsive” merely required that it work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With smart watches, TVs, and home appliances booming, the definition of responsive design is expanding rapidly.

While each platform has its unique challenges, tablets and smartphones have very familiar interaction systems and the main problem has been ensuring that content is appropriately sized and ea¬¬sy to navigate.
But on a smart watch, for example, even the navigation system has to be completely rethought to accommodate how we use the device. Watches won’t be able to use smartphone site designs, and a site optimized for desktops won’t necessarily work when viewed on a smart TV.

Solutions to these new problems will take some time to emerge, but, by the end of 2015, the sheer breadth of the smart device market will force web designers to adapt their techniques.

3. Bigger, Better Images

It’s not only text that’s getting larger on the web: images are too!

Large hero areas (often with blurry backgrounds or video) have replaced carousels and sliders. Ghost buttons are also a big trend that goes along with this big, bold imagery.

There used to be important limitations to keep in mind for serving images because of limited bandwidth, but this is less and less of a problem as time goes on. As a result, large images have taken the internet by storm.
In 2015, images will take center stage in interesting new ways. Fascinating techniques will emerge for responsive resizing, extracting dominant colors for backgrounds, and optimizing images for minimum server load.
As designers come to terms with being able to use huge images in their designs, you can expect to see them making an appearance more and more often!

4. Functional Web Typography

Part of this content focus is a stronger effort to present the written word according to emerging typographic principles.

The reality is that type on the web is very different from type in print, and in 2015 we’ll finally shed the last of the old-fashioned thinking that’s kept text looking too small and squeezed together on many major sites.
Varying reading distances and view ports will mean that typography on the web will need to be more functional, responsive & versatile. Designers are already embracing Web fonts, however in 2015 are going to see much larger type and more variety.

Looking to the Future

Even though not all of these web design trend predictions may prove right, the web was, is and will always be in continuous development. New patterns emerge every day, so you should not be afraid of trying new things, keeping in mind that we are moving towards simplification and accessibility of the web as a whole.

So, analyze how these key trends may impact your business, and intentionality plan based on your new findings! If you feel you are ready to embrace these trends and would like to revamp your company website, then give Starn Marketing Group a call and we will be happy to assist you along the way.


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